Frequently Asked Questions for Parents


Is signup free for parents and Students?

Yes. Parents and students can signup for free. Our service is absolutely free for parents and students.

Do you perform background checks on any service providers?

No. does not employ, endorse or do any back ground check on any service providers or any users of this website. has no control over the accuracy, reliability, background information, affiliation or any content submitted on website. Each individual is solely responsible for selecting service providers or selecting client, subsequent communications and any employment relationship they establish. By using this site you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How does this work?

1.Search service provider near you by entering category and zipcode/city. 

2.Use filters to shortlist few service providers. 

3.Contact them directly by filling out form in their profile page. 

4.We will send your first Name, first letter of last name and your message to provider. (Please do not provide personal information like address, phone number, email id in your message).

5. Provider will communicate back to you using our message system.

6. Using our message system you can send back and forth messages without providing any of your personal information.

7. Once both the parties are comfortable, personal information can be exchanged.

8. When provider contact you, discuss with them on all your requirements including payment method & references. (Please note does not process any payment. Do not make any payment until you receive the service.    

9.Get Service, pay service provider per payment method agreed upon and Review service provider by logging into your kidoserv account.

How can I see history of all service providers whom I contacted?

You can find all your previous communication to any provider under message tab in your dashboard. Also you can use bookmark service provider from their profile page and keep track of them under BookMark tab in your dashboard.

What are the hourly rates and does take percentage of?

Each service provider sets their own rate and it varies. Kidoserv do not take any percentage from what you pay. You pay directly to service providers and they keep all the amount.

I am registered parent/student, how can I provide service like baby sitter, tutoring etc?

You have two options.

1. Use different email id to register as service provider (preferred method). This way all communication messages will be separate between parent and provider accounts. 


2. You can use existing parent account to list your service. Login to your account and click 'My Listing' tab. Complete few basis requirements listed there to become service provider and start listing.

Can two students share a service provider?
It is between you as a parent and service provider to decide. Please negotiate with service provider to see if you can get any discount on rates and some money.

Service provider did not respond to my inquiry, what should i do?

We inform service provider by email when you contact them and they will respond back through our message system. Most of them may respond within reasonable time and you can send additional message to provider using our message system in your dashboard.

Also select multiple tutors from our site that match your requirement and contact them. So that you can setup interview and discuss with them on your requirement/expectation and finalize one provider from shortlist.

How do I review a service provider?

You can review service provider from their listing profile page. All reviews are moderated by admin. Please avoid using abusive languages and be honest on your experience.

Why my review was not posted?

Please remember reviews are moderated for abusive activity and to maintain quality of feedback. Avoid inappropriate words and information in the review. reserve the right not to approve review for any reason or no reason, with or without notice. Further, we have no obligation to inform you the reason.

Can I delete or edit a review that I gave for a given service provider?

Yes. You can manage your reviews under Dashboard's Reviews tab. All reviews are moderated and approved by admin.

Edit Review-> You can edit your review before it is posted to Once posted, you need to delete the review and repost.

Delete Review-> You can delete your review anytime using Delete option. Once deleted, reviews will be deleted from website. 

How do I pay service provider? What forms of payment do they accept? do not process and involve in payments. You directly discuss with service provider and choose the type of payment that service provider does not get any commission or % of payment from service provider.

How do I change password?

Login to your account and click "profile" tab. Look for "Change Password" sub-tab to change your password.

How do I change login email id?

Login to your account and click "profile" tab. Look for "Change Email Id" sub-tab to change your email id.

How do I inactivate or close my account?

Login to your account and click "profile" tab. Look for "Inactivate" sub-tab to You can inactivate account. Please note that you can re-activate your account by simply logging in using your existing email id and password.

How do I re-activate my account?
You can simply login using your email id/password and your account will be activated. By activating your account, your existing listing will become active again.