Parents Safety Center

Please note that does not do any background check on any service providers or service seekers or website visitors and also do not validate the eligibility on the services that provider offer or validity of the requirements that service seekers request or any information submitted as review. We just list/send the information that was provided by service providers, service seekers and visitors personal review. has no control over the accuracy, reliability, background information, affiliation or any content submitted on website. Each individual is solely responsible for selecting service providers, selecting client, subsequent communications and any employment relationship they establish. 

We understand the importance of safety and have provided few basic precautious steps to follow. 

Collect Service provider information

Service Provider profile

Check closely service providers listing information about their personal profile, experience and education or certification in relevant area. Choose multiple providers based on those information, so you will have more choice during selection process.

Read Reviews

Read service providers reviews to see what other parents say and how service provider responds. Search for other rating/review websites or services to see what others say about service providers.

Initial contact to Service provider

When you fill out contact form in service provider's profile for initial contact, do not provide your home address, place of work, children name and any financial details. At this point service provider need only your first name and first initial of last name, email id and optional phone number if you would like to provide. Using this information, service provider will contact you.

Interview process

Do Phone Interview

Discuss with service provider on their experience, method of service and assess their personality with your intuition. Get references about their current, former students and work references. If you feel not comfortable on your first talk don’t proceed further.

Do not provide your home address, your place of work, financial information etc. if service provider persistent about that, please inform and stop further communication. We will investigate and remove service provider from our site if needed.

Do In-Person Interview

Once you are done with phone interview, you can setup in-person interview. Meet the service provider in common place like library, coffee shop or any place where lot of people around. Meet them in day light. Tell your friend and family where are going and expected time of return. Check their credentials by asking the evidence of certifications if needed.

Background check and Service history

Run Background checks does not do any background check on any service providers. So once you short list few service providers, we strongly recommend you order a third party background check on each one.

Check the reference

Call and talk to each references provided by service provider about their services. Please check with at least 3 or 4 references and their recommendation.

Credential check

Check the service provider’s credentials by contacting relevant organization for verification.

Google Service Provider Name

Search service providers name and business. See any comments or information available regarding service provider.

Check Social media sites

Check social media like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest to see any page available, their behavior in those sites and feedback from other users.

Payments do not process and involve in payments. You directly discuss with service provider and choose the type of payment that service provider prefer.

Never pay upfront to a service you have never met before.

Never give credit card or bank account information to private service providers.


Watch service providers behavior

Watch service provider behavior closely and any abnormal activity or behavior.

Watch your children behavior

Check with your children and see any behavior changes or abnormal activity. 

Drop in Unexpected 

Drop in unexpected if you leave the kid with service provider.

Periodic online / third party checking

Google periodically, check service provider’s social media profiles and do third party checking to make sure everything is ok.

Your Instinct

Trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to call off the service immediately if you or your child is not comfortable.

Discuss with your kids and ask your kids questions

Check with your kids periodically about the services and their concern.