FAQ for Service Providers

Business Provider Specific FAQ


Can I list my services under KidoServ.com for free?

Yes. You can list your services under KidoServ.com for FREE. No Cost involved.

Should I signup as individual or business account type?

If you are a registered business (with standard business/Store hours) register as Business type.

Some comparison on what will be displayed in website

Business Account                                           Individual Account                            
Full Business Name First Name and first Letter of your Last name
Full Business Address Only Your City and State name
Business hours Your Personal availability hours 
Profile URL will be based on Business Name Profile URL will be based on your first & Last Name
Communication to parents with business name                                 Communication to parents using first name and first letter of last name
Business Phone Number display (Optional) Personal phone number will not be displayed.
Your website name (optional) Personal website names are not allowed.
Review for your business name Review for your personal service

How long my listing will be active?

All approved listings (that doesn't have explicit end dates) will stay active as long as you don't inactivate your account and login into Kidoserv.com website at least once in 3 months.

Why my listing was not approved?

To ensure your listing is approved, please include only relevant information in profile and listing details. Use correct grammars, spellings and appropriate photos.

For the safety purpose, please do not include your address, location, community name, email address, phone numbers, website address, your full last name and your kid's names in listing and profile description.  Also make sure photos are not blurry or cropped with incomplete photo. Collages, cartoon, simulated photos, inappropriate background, any fine prints in photos and others copyright-ed photos are NOT allowed.

Please note that KidoServ.com reserve the right not to approve your listing for any reason or no reason, with or without notice. Further, Kidoserv do not have any no obligation to inform you the reason.

Can I list more than one listing for each category?

Depends. For most of the categories you can list only one listing per category.

1. Business users can list multiple listing for the same category if they have service in multiple locations.

2. Individual service providers can have multiple listing for same category, if they commute and provide service in differnet zipcodes on different days. 

3. Some categories like summer camp/classes and Kids events, you are allowed to have more than one listing.

After listing approval, can I change the listing details?

Yes. You can. Please note that every time if you make changes, it will go through approval process and your listing will be down during approval process time which is approximately few hours.

Is there any age limit to list my services?

Yes. You need to be at least 18 years old to list your services.

How do I delete my listing?

You can delete a specific listing from Dashboard-> Listing tab.

How do I change my available time and profile details in listing?

You can change Availability and other personal profile details by editing the originali list. Below is the path.

Dashboard -> My Listings tab -> Click Edit link -> Make changes and submit.

Can I put my listing on hold?

You can inactivate (hold) your listing  and activate (Release) at any time. When you inactivate your listing in Kidoserv, your listing profile will not appear under KidoServ.com search results. Please note that, Since your profiles are indexed by google, bing and other search engines, it may still appear under google search results.  Please use the following path to activate and inactivate your listings

Dashboard -> My Listing tab -> Click Inactivate or Activate Link under your listing details.

Why certain category is not available for me to list?

Based on your account type (Individual or Business) , we allow only certain categories to be available for listing. Some categories are available for both business and individual (eg: Home Day care, Music classes, Dance Classes etc). If you don't see any specific category under specific account type, then inactivate the account and re-signup with other account type.

Why my activation email didn't show up?

1. Check Spam/Junk folder in your email box

2. You can request to resend the link by logging into your account and click the resend link under Dashboard tab.

3. Wait for some time as email servers may be slow.

4. If you still have the issue, please contact us. 

Why my listing is now showing up in Kidoserv.com web search results? 

1. Check your listing status under your dashboard->Listing tab. Only Active status listings will be displayed in search results.

2. If you inactivate your account, all your listings will not be displayed.

3. If your account is locked by admin, listing information will not be displayed.

4. if you saved your listing, but not yet submitted, you listing will not be displayed.

5. Make sure, you have correct URL spelled. 

How long it takes for parents or student contact me?

It depends. Based on area and user profile details, some service providers get contacted more frequently. Make sure you have provided all needed information in your listing. Photos are very important as parents/students would like to see service provider face (or) business picture. Make sure you respond to reviews and get good rating. KidoServ.com offer clear user friendly web address URL for your provide. Try marketing on your own by linking your profile in social media and other related website or forums.

Why I don't see my service type as an option under a specific category? How do I list my service?

Please contact support@kidserv.com and we should be able to add missing options real quick. 

Can I list my service in more than one zip code? 

Depends. If you are business and have physical location in multiple zipcodes, you are allowed to list your service in multiple locations. If individual provider commute different city and provide service, they are allowed to list in multiple zipcodes. Please note that Kidoserv calculates distance between your listing zip code and the parents search zip code. Your listing may appear for other zip codes, but will be at the bottom of the list based on the distance from search zip code.

Is Review is mandatory for my profile?

No. During your account signup by default we activate your review option. You can opt out by signing in to your account and look for provider profile tab to turn off Review option. Once you opt-out, all your existing reviews will not be displayed in Kidoserv.com. Please note that If you opt-in again, all previous reviews will appear again. 

What should I do if I get negative review?

Honest reply to reviewer comments will increase your profile reputation. Also you can work with reviewer to get the review removed from site. Since approved reviews cannot be edited, reviewer can delete the review completely and enter new review if needed.

Business Provider Specific FAQ

Why business is already listed and how can I to claim the profile?

Based on publicly available records we have listed your business. You can claim your business by clicking 'Claim my Business' icon and fill out claim form. 

Why should I claim my business listing?

By claiming your business, you can control your account with lot more details. It is all free.

  • Dashboard to maintain your account information
  • Edit listing/profile information
  • Reply to Review and more engaged with customers/visitors
  • Get direct lead from customers
  • List additional services
  • Add / Edit photos

I own businesses in multiple zip codes/location. Can I use one account to list them all?

Yes. You can list multiple listing based on zipcode if you have physical service location in multiple zipcodes.

My business address is different from my service location. What address will be displayed under my listing profile?

The address that you provided under each listing will appear in search results.