Safety Information for Service Providers

Please note that does not do any background check on any service providers or service seekers or website visitors and also do not validate the eligibility on the services that provider offer or validity of the requirements that service seekers request or any information submitted as review. We just list/send the information that was provided by service providers, service seekers and visitors personal review. has no control over the accuracy, reliability, background information, affiliation or any content submitted on website. Each individual is solely responsible for selecting service providers, selecting client, subsequent communications and any employment relationship they establish. 

we recommend to follow few basic steps to ensure your safety for individual service providers. 

Interview Parents/Students

Have an initial phone interview with parents and set the expectations. Meet the parents along with students in common place for in person interview. This is opportunity for positive relationship and also you can back out if you are not comfortable right away.

Location of Service

Before providing service, do some research online about the client based on the information they provided to you. Prefer to provide your services in public places like coffee shops, library, and community hall.

If service is required in client place, depends on the service, you may provide first few services at a public location, so that can assess the situation and make final decision on providing service in client place.

Inform Your Partner or Family

Make sure to inform your partner or family about service location, client information and expected time of return.

Until you are comfortable, during and end of each initial session, you may keep a habit of calling/texting your partner/family to let them know you are ok. Explain to your new client that this will happen.

Adult Presence

Depends on the service, make sure adults or parents are around in service area. For example, during tutoring make sure adults or parents are around. Don’t allow them run for errands and using service provider for babysitting service.

Feel free to say No

You are not obligated to accept job and provide continuous service. If you are not comfortable at any point, feel free to say NO and stop the service.

Keep Your Personal Information safe

Do not provide personal information that is not required for this service like finance etc

Report to Us

If you see unusual request, spam or inappropriate activity, please send mail to and we will block them if needed.