How to advertise my tutoring service and find students? Staff

Tutoring service is a competitive business as parents and students have multiple choices to find and hire suitable resources. As parents and students look for local tutors close to their home and search online, it is important to have solid LOCAL online presence to get connected with parents and students. With the combination of below mentioned online and traditional marketing you can find students in no time.  Continue reading

How to become successful private tutor? Staff

A private tutor is an instructor who teaches specific subject or skill to the student or group of students. The main purpose of tutor is to improve the knowledge and skill of students than in class room setting. Normally tutors are often hired and paid by the students or parents.

Tutors always think how can I effectively train a child? In tutoring what works first is relationship between tutor and kid. So tutor can go through variety of topics to make understand the concept for the kid. Continue reading

Questions to ask before hiring a Tutor Staff

Helping your child to succeed often need some extra tutoring, but hiring a tutor is often confusing and hard to make decision. Before hiring a tutor, you should ask potential tutor a series of the following questions and see if they fit to you and your kids need. By asking all questions upfront you can make informed decisions and also helps tutors to understand you expectation. Continue reading